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William Stryker - Wikipedia.

William Stryker is a prominent enemy of the X-Men originating in the "God Loves, Man Kills" story arc - he is depicted in the comic books as an insane, sadistic, and heartless fundamentalist televangelist who views mutants as a sin against nature and seeks to destroy them, forming a similar. William Stryker, Jr. was an army colonel set on destroying mutants. He is responsible for the creation of Wolverine's adamantium skeleton and claws, and the creation of Weapon XI with the government funded program called Weapon X. Over the course of his life, he searched for various ways to.

Jason Stryker was a mutant with the power to generate complex telepathic illusions. He was also the son of William Stryker. His father extracts a fluid from his spinal cord that allows him to control people's minds. Jason is born in 1963 as his father said in 1973 that he was ten-years old. William was stationed on a nuclear testing facility when Marcy was pregnant. Alone in the desert, Marcy went into labor and Stryker was forced to deliver their baby. Stryker named the newborn Jason. When Marcy woke from unconsciousness and asked if their baby was okay, Stryker snapped Marcy's neck. Der Militärwissenschaftler William Stryker versucht, nachdem er seine Frau verloren hat und Professor X seinen Mutantensohn nicht "heilen" konnte, sich Cerebro anzueignen, um damit alle Mutanten zu töten. Er hat eine große Anzahl von Spezialsoldaten zur Verfügung. Geschichte William Stryker war. William Stryker est un humain qui déteste les mutants depuis qu son fils Jason un mutant crée des illusions dans la tête de sa mère. Ne pouvant plus supporter ça elle se troua la tête avec une perceuse. Acteur: Danny Hutson A Venir. William Stryker appears in a major role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, voiced by David Florek. William Stryker appears as a villain in Marvel Heroes, voiced by Jim Conner. This version paid MODOK to create weapons for the Purifiers to use in their war against mutants and gave mutant genetic material to Mister Sinister to use in experiments.

Stryker, der auf seiner Flucht von Logan aufgegriffen und von Magneto gefesselt zurückgelassen wurde, erleidet dasselbe Schicksal. Sofort begeben sich die X-Men nach Washington, wo sie dem Präsidenten Unterlagen von William Stryker überreichen, die beweisen, dass er der Drahtzieher für das Attentat war. Jason Stryker is the son of the anti-mutant extremist William Styker, and a supporting antagonist in X2: X-Men United. A powerful mutant capable of psychically altering human perceptions and planting immensely realistic illusions in the minds of those around him, the possible uses of his powers. William Stryker was a Major in the United States army and served in the Vietnam War as a helicopter pilot. He was the son of William Stryker Sr. Stryker sent his son Jason to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in hopes of ridding his mutation, regarding it as a disease that he believed needed be cured. William Stryker is een personage uit Marvel Comics, en een vijand van de X-Men. Hij werd bedacht door schrijver Chris Claremont en tekenaar Brent Anderson, en verscheen voor het eerst in de striproman X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills 1982. X2: X-Men United. 15 years later Col. William Stryker Stryker used a fluid from Jason's brain to control mutants, such as Nightcrawler and Deathstryke. He was the mastermind behind an assassination attempt on the president by a brainwashed Nightcrawler.

  1. William Stryker è un personaggio dei fumetti creato da Chris Claremont testi e Brent Anderson disegni, pubblicato dalla Marvel Comics. Apparso per la prima volta sulle pagine della graphic novel X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills, Stryker nella sua veste di reverendo, rappresenta l'intolleranza e la minaccia religiosa, in questo caso cristiana.
  2. Film-X2. Colonel William Stryker in X2. The story prior to his recent reappearing formed the loose basis for the film, X2, which follows its basic premise, but also incorporates elements of the Dark Phoenix Saga, In this movie, William Stryker is the main antagonist, and played by Scottish actor Brian Cox.
  3. Kelly Hu è Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike: alleata di William Stryker, possiede fattore rigenerante, scheletro e artigli di adamantio come Wolverine. Michael Reid McKay è Jason Stryker/Mutante 143: è il figlio di William Stryker, crea illusioni. Cotter Smith è il Presidente USA: subisce un attacco da un mutante e si schiera contro di loro.
  4. William Stryker was a sergeant in the army and may have been involved in the Weapon X Program, which resulted in Logan being given his Adamantium skeleton. While Sgt. Stryker was stationed on a nuclear testing facility, his wife, Marcy Stryker, had become pregnant. After his tour, Sgt. Stryker.

X2: X-Men United Prologue. When her husband, William Stryker discovers that their son, Jason Stryker, is a mutant, he sends him to Xavier's School for Gifted. Directed by Bryan Singer. With Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen. When anti-mutant Colonel William Stryker kidnaps Professor X and attacks his school, the X-Men must ally with their archenemy Magneto to stop him. X2 opened in North America on May 2, 2003, accumulating $85,558,731 on its opening weekend in 3,749 theaters. The film grossed $214,949,694 in North America, earning $192,761,855 worldwide, for a total of $407,711,549. X2 was a financial success as it recouped its production budget three times.

William Stryker est un personnage de fiction appartenant à l'univers de Marvel Comics. Il a été créé par Chris Claremont et Brent Anderson. Il est apparu pour la première fois dans le roman graphique X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills. William Stryker est un télévangéliste et un extrémiste religieux. Lady Deathstrike Yuriko Oyama,. Lady Deathstrike, played by Kelly Hu and without any of Deathstrike's backstory, appeared as a brainwashed henchman of William Stryker in the 2003 film X2. She also re-appeared in X-Men: The Official Game, where she was revealed to. William Stryker es un supervillano ficticio que aparece en los cómics estadounidenses publicados por Marvel Comics. Él usualmente es representado como un enemigo de los X-Men. En la serie de películas X-Men, el personaje ha sido retratado por Brian Cox, Danny Huston y Josh Helman. Lyman and Stryker then observe the soldiers using Stryker's retinal mimicry technology to imitate Xavier's eyes and enter the Cerebro chamber. As Stryker observed the imprisoned mutant children from Xavier's mansion held behind an electrified door at Alkali Lake, Lyman asked if keeping the children was a necessary decision.

William Stryker, Jr. Marvel Movies Fandom.

Cain Marko also known as Juggernaut is a recurring antagonist of the X-Men film series, serving as a supporting antagonist in X-Men: The Last Stand and the secondary antagonist in Deadpool 2. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants in The Last Stand and the partner of Firefist in. Jason Stryker was a mutant with the ability to create illusions in the minds of others. He was the son of Major William Stryker. Stryker sent Jason to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in the hope of curing his mutation, regarding it as a disease. However the school's headteacher, Professor. It was a list of files and folders Mystique scrolled past while trying to steal files on Magneto's plastic prison. It is unrevealed what became of the files after Stryker's death. In X2, there are files and folders on one of Stryker's computer. The folders list some well-known individuals or. General William Stryker in X2. An altered version of William Stryker appears as the main antagonist of X-2: X-Men United, portrayed by Brian Cox. In the film, he is a United States Army general rather than a televangelist, but is still depicted as harboring intense feelings of bigotry towards mutants.

Jason Stryker Marvel Movies Fandom.

William Stryker, Jr. es el hijo de William Stryker, Sr. Él es un jefe militar coronel que quiere causar la destrucción de todos los mutantes, aunque su hijo sea uno de ellos. Él tiene como guardaespaldas a una mutante llamada Dama Mortal, la cual es controlada mentalmente por él. William. Yuriko Oyama, better known as Lady Deathstrike, is the secondary antagonist in the 2003 superhero film X2: X-Men United. She is Colonel William Stryker's personal assistant and has powers similar to Wolverine. She was portrayed by Kelly Hu, who also played China White in Arrow, D'Vorah in Mortal. The shocking attack renews the political and public outcry for a Mutant Registration Act and an anti-mutant movement now led by William Stryker, a wealthy former Army commander who is rumored to have experimented on mutants. Stryker's mutant "work" is. X2: X-Men United. After being experimented on, she became William Stryker's assistant after he used the Mind Control Serum on her. Lady Deathstrike accompanied Stryker to the White House to investigate the mutant attack that had just transpired.

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